Torna Fort


Torna Fort (Torana Fort or Prachandagad) is one of the largest forts located in Pune district. Its name derived from Prachanda (Marathi for huge or massive) and gad (Marathi for fort). The fort is very huge and wide spread; at 1405 metres above sea-level makes it the tallest fort in the Pune district.

History: In 1643, Shivaji, captured Torna Fort at the age of sixteen.  Shivaji renamed the fort Prachandagad, and constructed several monuments and towers within it.

It is historically significant as one of the first forts to be captured by Shivaji. He found 22 pots full of gold, which he later used to construct Rajgad Fort.

In the 1700s, the Mughal empire captured this fort and renamed the fort Futulgaib.

Location: The fort is about 40 km southwest of Pune in the Sahyadri mountain range.

Tourism: One can see Konkan Darwaja, Kothi Darwaja, Bini Darwaja, Menghai Devi temple, Toranjai Devi temple, Budhla Machi, Zunjar Machi and Sadar here. Raigad Fort, Pratapgad Fort, Rajgad Fort and Sinhagad Fort can be viewed from here.

How to reach Torna Fort (Torna Fort):
From Pune: From Pune (Swargate bus stand) via Khed Shivspur, Cheladi/Nasarapur/Baneshwar, then Winzar, to the village of Velhe. The main path to Torna starts from here. It is a two or three hour climb to the “Bini Darwaaja”, the main entrance to the fort.

From Rajgad: From “Male Darwaaja” of Rajgad, near the left side of “Sanjeevani Machi”, and ends at “Budhla Machi” of Torna Fort (Torna Fort).

Best Time to Visit: For trekking September to December.


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