Sinhagad Fort Pune


Trip to Sinhagad Fort: Like every other fort lover after first rain in Pune we planed to get on sinhagad fort. Though it was first week of rain in Pune greenery on the way was worth watching. We started from Kothrud then touched the sinhagad road and have taken first stop at Khadakwasla dam. You can enjoy this place with corn! Yes we will find many road side corn sellers there.

Our second stop was the base of Sinhagad. It was so crowed with public and commercial jeeps offering you a driver to top of the hill. Though the road to the top of the fort is steep and is not in good condition, if you are good driver then you can enjoy driving also.

Third and final stop was the top of hill. Yes we reached at sinhagad fort. This fort has mostly fallen to ruin but it is a historical place to know about shivaji and maratha empire. At sinhagad fort you should enjoy kanda bhaji and pithal bhakar and enjoy site seeing.

So guys this is my sinhagad fort trip experience. Next time I will post my sinhagad trekking experience. Here is some information on Sinhagad forts for fort lovers.

Sinhagad fort is around 30KM from city of Pune. It is also know as The Lion’s Fort and spelled as Sinhagad, Sinhgarh, or Sinhgad. It located at the center of a string of other forts such as Rajgad, Purandar and Torna thats why it was also strategically important and has seen many important battles.


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