Picnic Spots near Pune

Pune attractions captivate visitors with its rich history and culture, offering museums, music, shopping, amusement and scenic parks, near by hill stations, trekking forts, near by beaches, waterfalls and more to explore. Pune has a lot of popular spots that are ideal for a picnic. Here are the best Picnic Spots near Pune with their distance from Pune city.

Picnic Spots Around Pune

One Day Picnic spots around Pune up to 100 KM


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Distance from Pune: 12 KM

Khadakwasla is one of the major sources of water supply to the city of Pune, is one of the favorite evening hang outs of puneites.  A few kilometers from Pune, Khadakwasla is popularly known as the ‘Chowpatty’ of Pune. Many people come here on weekends and during the monsoon season. Scenic places around the dam include Peacock Bay, Kudje village, and Neelkanteshwar.

Places around Pune Distance from Pune Famous as/for
Sinhagad 30 KM Sinhagad is fortress located around 30 kilometers from city of Pune. It is nearest and much loved trekking fort to Pune. Dev Taki famous tank with sweet and cold water and Tanaji’s Samadhi are well-known attractions here.
Baneshwar 35 KM Baneshwar is religious place in village of Nasarapur around 35 KM south west Pune. It is famous for old Shiva Temple which was constructed by Peshwa Nanasaheb, son of Peshwa Bajirao I. It is also declared as small bird sanctuary.
Bedse Caves 35 KM Around 35 km from Pune Bedse caves are situated near Bedse village of Maval taluka of Pune district. The Bedse Caves are 1st century Buddhist caves. Caves face east and are best viewed in the morning. Best time to visit Bedse Caves is the rainy season as the hills are filled with lush greenery and many small waterfalls created by rain water can only be enjoyed during that time.
Panshet Dam 37 KM Panshet Dam (Tanajisagar Dam) is one of the famous one day picnic spots near Pune and Mumbai. Here tourists can enjoy beautiful view of the Sahyadri mountains and Panshet Water Park.
Vadhu – Tulapur 38 KM Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj, Sangameshwar Temple and confluence of 3 rivers – Bhima, Bhama and Indrayani
Bhandara 40 KM Bhandara Hills, Caves, Temple
Mulshi Dam 43 KM Mulshi dam is one the best place for one day picnic near Pune. One must enjoy natural beauties that includes the marvelous lake, the dam, forest and hilly region of Mulshi.
Karla or Karle Cave 50 KM The Karla Caves or Karle Caves are a complex of ancient Indian Buddhist rock cut cave shrines developed more than 2000 years ago. Karla chaitya is among the largest rock-cut Chaityas in India.
Bhaja or Bhaje Cave 50 KM Bhaja Caves are also around 2000 years old architecture. These caves also provide important proof regarding the history of the Tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. The carvings shows a woman playing tabla and another performing a dance, dating back to 200 BC.
Lonavala 66 KM Lonavala (Lonavla or Lonavale) is nearest hill station from Pune. People prefer visiting Lonavala in rainy season to enjoy natural waterfalls, ponds and greenery around it. It is also famous for its Chikki.
Khandala 69 KM Abundant natural beauty Khandala hill station is pride of Sahyadri Mountains. It is about 69 KM away from Pune, 101 KM southeast of Mumbai, 3 KM from Lonavala and 7 KM from Karjat.
Shivthar Ghal 90 KM Shivthar Ghal (Sundarmath) is a cave where Samarth Ramdas dictated Dasbodh to Kalyan Swami. Shivthar Ghal is a place worth to visit and enjoy lush green views of trees, mountains, a big waterfall and a river.
Menavali 92 KM Menawali is a village about three kilometres from Wai is known for a Peshwa era “Wada” built by Nana Fadnavis. Here is can see temple at the bank of beautiful Kirshna river. Other places to see around are Pandavgadh Fort and Palpeshwar Cave.

Weekend Picnic spots around Pune up to 200 KM

Places around Pune Distance from Pune Famous as/for
Alibag or Alibaug 130 KM Alibaug or Alibag a 300 years old beach town of Konkan region is one of the most popular weekend gateway for citizen of Mumbai and Pune. By road it is around 110 km from north Mumbai and 130 km from city of Pune. Main tourist attractions at Alibaug are Alibuag beach, Siddheshwar Mandir near Khandale, Alibag Fort, Khanderi & Underi Islands and Bet El Synagogue. A visit to the sea-forts of Colaba or the Murud Janjira is the highlight of a vacation in Alibaug.
Aundh 165 KM  Aundh one of the famous old place in India is situated in Satara district of Maharashtra. It is famous for temple of Devi Yamai and the famous museum created by Shri Bhagwanrao Pantapratinidhi – the king of Aundh. Shri Bhavani Museum has various paintings of renowned artists such as Raja Ravi Varma, Rao Bahaddur Dhurandhar, Baburao Painter, Satavalekar etc. and the famous “Mother and Child” stone structure by Henry Moore.
Bhimashankar 128 KM Bhimashankar the source of the river Bhima is located around 125 km from Pune in the ghat region of the Sahyadri hills. It is famous for Bhimashankar Temple one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines. Places that can be visited in are Hanuman Lake, Gupt Bhimashankar, Origin of River Bhima, Nag Phani, Bombay Point, Sakshi Vinayak and a lot more. Bhimashankar is a conserve red forest area and wildlife sanctuary where a variety of birds, animals, flowers, plants can be seen.
Dapoli 200 KM  Dapoli is just a couple of hours drive from Pune and Mumbai making it an ideal weekend getaway. It is blessed with abundant natural beauty and pleasant cool climate throughout the year. Surrounded by hills and forests it also famous as Mahabaleshwar of Konkan. Dapoli has various tourist destinations and picnic spots around like Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Forts, Panhalekaji Caves, Unhavare – Hot Water Springs, Kadyavarcha Ganpati, Murud Beach, Dabhol etc. The best season to visit Dapoli is definitely mid October to mid March.
Karnala 118 KM  Picnic spot
Koynanagar 180 KM  Picnic spot
Mahabaleshwar 120 KM Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located about 120 km southwest of Pune and 285 km from Mumbai. It is a popular holiday resort and honeymoon spot, and an important pilgrimage site for Hindus.
Malshej Ghat 126 KM Malshej Ghat is a fascinating tourist destination in western ghat of Maharashtra. This hill station with natural waters falls is  is a favourite tourist destination of hikers, trekkers, adventurers and nature lovers. Malshej Ghat is home to hundreds of different kinds of flora and fauna especially the avian population such as quails, rails, cranes, flamingos and cuckoos.
Matheran 118 KM Matheran is a hill station in Karjat Tahsil of Raigad district. It is also the smallest hill station in India. Located on the Western Ghats range it is around 90 km from Mumbai, and 120 km from Pune. There are more than 35 look-out points in Matheran, including Alexander Point, Rambag Point, Little Chowk Point, Big Chowk Point, One Tree Hill Point, Belvedere Point, Olympia Race Course, Lords Point, Charlotte Lake, Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir, Celia Point, Echo Point, Porcupine Point (Sun Set Point), Panorama Point (Sun Rise Point), Khandala Point, Madhavji Garden & Point, Matheran Railway Station, Louisa Point, Mayra Point etc.
Panchgani 101 KM Panchgani is a hill station near Pune in Satara District. Panchgani was discovered by the British. Panchgani its name from the surrounding five hills,also there are five villages around the Pachgani are Dandeghar, Khingar, Godwali, Amral & Taighat.
Saswad 34 KM Saswad is not a just picnic spot, it is land of eminent saints, leaders and authors. You can see the monuments of Sant Sopandev – brother of Sant Dnyaneshwar, Shrimant Balaji Vishwnath Peshwe – founder of Peshwas, Baji Pasalkar – famous Maratha Sardar and Acharya P.K. Atre – famous Marathi Writer. Places, monuments, natural beauty you can see around Saswad are Dive ghat Valley, Mastani Lake built by Maratha ruler Bajirao Peshwa, Fort Jadhavgarh, Purandar Wada, Sangameshwar temple at the confluence of two rivers Karhe and Chambli, forts of Malhargad, Vajragad, Rajgad and Torana and can enjoy gurgling sounds of seasonal waterfalls in monsoon.
Satara 115 KM Satara is a one of the the historical cities of Maharashtra. The city was the capital of the Maratha empire in the 17th century. The name of this town has been derived from the seven mountains surrounding the place implying sat (seven) and tara (hills). The famous tourist points near Satara city are Vajrai Waterfall,  Ajinkyatara Fort, Sajjangad Fort, Chaarbhinti, Natraj Mandir, Bhairoba Hill, Kuraneshwar, Jaradndeshwar, Yawateshwar, Kas Lake and Kas Plateau, Bamnoli, Thosegar Waterfalls, Chalkewadi, Rajwada, Sangam Mahuli, Kshetra Mahuli etc.
Tapola 145 KM Tapola which is only 25 KM for Mahabaleshwar is popularly known as ‘The Mini Kashmir’ because of the view of Dam, River, Lake and deep forest. River Koyana and river Solshi both meet at Tapola. The biggest dam in Maharashtra ‘Koyana dam’ and the famous artificial lake made in its catchment area called ‘Shivsagar’ are indeed a treat watch.
Thoseghar 134 KM If you are a waterfall enthusiast, this place is for you. Thoseghar is famous for it’s high waterfalls. This place is full of natural beauty and pleasant climate, to experience this you need to visit Thoseghar in rainy season.

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    Please suggest the spot for Family picnic (resort)near pune within 100 km range for one day trip. We want to go along with families of employees, the spot must has fun for children, youngsters and every one can enjoy the day.


  2. Hello,

    Please suggest the spot for Family picnic near pune within 100 km range for one day trip. We want to go along with families of employees, the spot must has fun for children, youngsters and every one can enjoy the day.


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