Kaas Plateau 2107 or Kaas Pathar (as it is locally known) – UNESCO Site around Pune

Kaas Plateau or simply Kaas Pathar, Well known for its unique Biosphere, grassland and one of the UNESCO world natural heritage site in India is situated in the Western Ghats near Satara, Maharashtra. Kaas Plateau is also known as Valley of Flower of Maharashtra.

Kaas Plateau 2017
Pic – Wikipedia
Spread over 10 Sq KM and at an altitude of 1200 meter, Kass Plateau hosts more than 150 species of Wildflowers which makes it one of the important biodiversity hotspot in India. The major part of Kaas Pathar is reserve forest and is approximately 20km from the Northan part of Koyna Sanctuary.
Kaas lake located toward the south of Kaas Plateau is another point of attraction around here and is one of the sources of water supply to Satara city.

Best time to Visit Kaas Plateau:

Best time to visit Kaas Plateau is post monsoon around September and October. During this period you will be able to see the real beauty of one of the major UNESCO world natural heritage site “Kaas Plateau” as the flowers are in full bloom. The temperature during this period is also pleasant and favorable.
Kaas Pathar 2017
Kaas Plateau around Pune, Pic – Wikipedia
Before visiting Kaas plateau, kindly have a view on the management website of Kaas (https://www.kas.ind.in) as it is really updated and managed very well by the administration with the latest photos and updates about the Plateau.

How to reach Kaas Plateau:

  • From Pune: Driving from Pune is really easy and straightforward. Take NH 8 till Vanvaswadi then take MH SH61 to reach Plateau.
  • From Satara: You can easily get a local public transport (Auto Rikshaw) or can book a cab for a day if you are visiting from Satara.
The various distances of Kas plateau are as follows:
  • From Satara – 25 km
  • From Pune – 125 km
  • From Mumbai – 280 km
  • From Kolhapur – 150 km
  • From Sangli – 147 km

Useful tips while traveling to Kaas Plateau:

  1. Carry an Umbrella or raincoat even if you are visiting post monsoon.
  2. Carry snack and water along.
  3. Washroom is not available near Kaas Plateau
  4. Parking is quite far from the actual site so wear proper walking shoes while going.
  5. The mobile network is really weak around Kaas Pathar.
  6. Don’t litter the plateau at all with papers, polythene or other wastes etc

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