Gold Buying Muhurat – 2017


According to hindu calendar different states have different important days to buy god but dhanteras and akshay tritiya’s day are commonly known as auspicious days to buy gold in entire India.

Gold Buying Muhurat

Askshay Trutiya: Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious day to observe Lakshmi Puja, Lakshmi Kuber Puja, Gauri Puja, and Sri Krishna Chandan Puja. The Vedic scriptures say that knowledge gained or charity done on this day is very fruitful. It is considered to be a very lucky day to start new business or venture. Many people buy gold or property on this day.

Dhanteras: The Dhan in Dhanteras means wealth. Dhanteras holds special significance for the business community due to the customary purchases of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum on this day.

Deepawali: Pushya Nakshatra muhurat during Diwali is highly auspicious time to buy gold, and to make other purchases, trading, and to start a new business.

Best Muhurat and Days to Buy Gold during Diwali 2017:

October 13, 2017 (Friday) – 07:46 to Midnight
October 14, 2017 (Saturday) – 06:25 to 06:54
October 17, 2017 (Tuesday) – 06:27 to Midnight
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